Sol-Kenya volunteers help in the following programs:


They work as teachers or counselors to students in both primary and secondary level.

They also serve as instructors in a vocational center for boys and girls.


Work in community dispensaries and provide medical help to members of the community,

the volunteers also provide community health education to community

groups and schools by moving round in the community and by visiting homes.

This gives one an opportunity to truly visit and learn of the rural Kenyan lifestyles.

During the home visit a volunteer is accompanied by staff who helps in providing

health education, basic health assistance, and psycho social support to the families visited.

Food and Nutrition Support Program:

Together with our staff home visits are done to households that need

nutritional support and food is provided, sometimes they work closely

with the families in establishing kitchen gardens, poultry,

rabbit keeping projects and other agricultural activities

that boost the food productivity of the community.

HIV&AIDS program:

Sol-Kenya serves various families that are either infected or affected with HIV&AIDS,

weekly meetings for the support groups of people living with HIV&AIDS

are held on various locations and this becomes an opportunity for the

volunteers to meet and share with the people living with HIV&AIDS.

During the meetings psycho social therapy is provided to the people living with HIV&AIDS.

Rural Community Development:

The volunteers work in community women, youth or men groups that take care

of environment, are involved in micro saving programs,

work in water projects and have some community agribusiness activities.

Administration & Management:

Some volunteers work in helping Sol-Kenya develop strong administrative

structures by working closely with the organization in

building the organization’s capacity. This is done by training the staff on management,

fundraising, networking with individuals &organizations,

bookkeeping, accounting, programming and organizing events.