Food Sustainability

Our Community approach:

The unique community involvement approach in addressing the needs of orphans and vulnerable children and people living with HIV&AIDS has proved to be sustainable. The organization empowers the willing members of the community to care for the vulnerable members within the same community. The focus is on the able people within the community, which in turn will take care of the orphans and vulnerable children and other needy people among them. Solutions to the problems of the beneficiaries are always looked for by the community and in the community itself. The role of the Shepherds of Life staff within the program is only to facilitate and to offer technical aid.

Community Food & Nutrition Sustainability Program:

SOL-Kenya empowers caregivers to establish food and seed banks within their communities by engaging them on active farming and during the harvest time the organization encourages giving part of the harvest which is processed and stored and given back to them for seeds and domestic use during the famine season. Under the program the caregivers and guardians are also involved in community poultry and goats projects.