SOL-KENYA Responsibilities to the Volunteer:


Daily contact with Volunteers during their stay in our communities.

Available 24 hours a day for any issues.

Arrange work program for volunteers.

Arrange accommodations and meals for volunteers.

Pickup volunteers at the airport (if need be).

Provide volunteers with one-day community and organizational orientation.


Volunteer Responsibilities:

Meals, accommodation and local transport.

Where a host family decides to give free accommodation the

amount goes towards supporting a child of the choice of the volunteer within the program.

The volunteers pay by themselves the following; Sightseeing i.e.

Transport and entry fees to game parks and other site that

a volunteer may wish to visit while in Kenya, International Airfare,

Visa Fee, Insurance, Vaccinations & Medical Bills,

Internet Access (for those who are working outside the office),

Phone calls, Meals outside Host Family or

outside the parish and transport back to airport.

Sol-Kenya places the volunteers either with host families

who provide all the needed facilities or within our operation

sites which are Catholic mission stations which provide

adequate security and any other facilities required.

The organization has got 5 community sites which can

accommodate up to 30 volunteers at ago. Meals are provided within the sites.